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hey Jacob, here is my answer: i'm not grossed out at all by it. i like it. i usually swallow,
if i don't know the guy that well i don't swallow. the taste doesn't bother me. i don't like condoms at all but i make a guy use them for intercourse but not oral. i hate that plastic taste. i've had a guy come on my face and it wasn't bad. In other worlds, I love it! it is kind of like a reward, haha! where he shoots it? i like him to shoot it on my face, mouth or breasts, or shoot some in my mouth and the rest on my face! ii just enjoy it any way really. really i just want him to shoot it where ever he wants! Why you ask? you like jizz?

She sure knows how to get the job done. rules :)
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This is by far one of my favorites for amateur content! The girls are fresh and sexy as fuck it's hard to find any you don't like. Most sites offer porn stars pretending to be "amateurs" man...this is totally real. I have had mixed luck with the videos though. Most of the time they stream wonderfully (95%). Most of the streaming issues can be remedied by keeping your computer in good order though (defragged, registry clean). The downloads though, there isn't much you can do to speed them up! My advice: stream when possible! Overall I do relly like this site! Lots of gorgous enthusiastic girl-next-door type amateurs, naked girlfreinds from all over the world! next door girls sucking cock, I mean real blowjobs...and cumshots, creampies, shit like that.
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