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Have You Witnessed Nudity On The Social Network? If yes, do you consider hot or not? Some people can't distinguish between art & porn/exhibitionism. And that people are quick to cry, “CENSORSHIP!” so social networks have to removed these amazing videos and pictures. There is a time & place for everything: offers tons of that removed porn. The fastest growing sites are the Social Media network,it has one of the highest average minutes per user per day values, it is one of the leading drivers of internet traffic, and it is VISUAL so people will upload their own amateur porn. Why not? Most people are OK with nudity. Removing ANY of these images is CENSORSHIP. But again they have clearly defined rules regarding the content allowed on the site. You don’t like it? Use another site! The question is: Is the highly public nature of the publishing network itself making this issue problematic? Social network's flagged pictures are automatically sent to our review-queue and from there, they’re manually reviewed. So, if you’re wondering whether that “artistic” photo of your girlfriend in the shower is going to cut it, chances are, not for long: all these pictures goes to On Friday, we published a poll that asked our community whether they forgave most of social network's nudity as hot or whether they were offended by nude girls images in general. We found that the majority of people who have encountered such content consider 'really hot' amateur porn. Social network' flags porn, “We do not allow nudity content.” Period. They don't allow “Photographic images that depict full-frontal nudity, fully exposed breasts,buttocks,people having sex,etc' That pretty much covers all the bases, right? Many social network's users share images of nudity that they consider 'cool' and not pornography, whether that’s a photograph of a woman giving head, couples fucking, nude self shots and shit like that. We believe that that removed content from social networks is not porn and it have a new home:

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removedPix Is Great but make sure that the person you’re removedpix is aware of what you are and aren’t comfortable with. This goes for how much
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potential for you or your partner to unintentionally cross the line as well as the potential for someone to try and coerce the other into doing something they
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Even if you establish that you don’t want these photos sent around, people who are not close to you may not respect your wishes, and the easier it is to not
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