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About Me And My Gay Boyfriend I am a guy who is 27 years old....who happened to have gay feelings, but never translated them into action "Sex" Untill recently; almost 7 months ago only..i went and hadmy first sexual contact ever with a guy at the age of 26...after that..i surfed the net via some gay dating website....and chatted with other gay guys...and was itroduced to this world....i went in few dates almost 4 dates...none of them included sex....until a guy i dated took me to a gay crusing are...and it was shocking for me to find this number of gays all gathering at the same place seeking sex....i went to this place several times...may be 10 times..where was exposed to this gay world in a secret..and had some sexual experience there "all were soft sex only"...after that while i was chatting with some guys on the gay dating website...i met this guy who lives abroad in a neighouring country....we chatted for about 10 day...and then i travelled to his country and met him...i liked him ...and i had my 1st sex on a bed with him...also not hard... i did not like him that much at the beginning and decided to tell him that i am not into him...then he cried alot...and said stuff about him not being liked by others and that whenever he finds someone good they always leave him....and asked me not to tell his friends that we are not togather anymore...i said yes...and the next day..he was telling his friends that i am his boyfriend....and since then we are still togather...what really annoys me...just cause my gay boyfriend is so experinced and has too much past in relevant to me what can i do?that he has too much experince as he started doing sex when he was 18 ...he is now 29....and his past is hunting me....i did all my take him out of this world...and i succeeded as i limited his communication to his past ex-gay friends...and he is not attending any gay events or palces anymore...and he claims he is not cheating on me....though he still recieves on his mobile some calls from gay friends he used to have sex with before..and this is a killer for me...we use to make many amateur porn videos and take self pictures totally naked. Is crazy. we have a big fight about that. he sent the videos to and i asked several time...that whenever he has any communication with someone from the past or gay world he has to tell me...i dont wanna get exposed to this gay world...and i wanna stay disrete....he is a very good guy...but the illusions of his past in my head are making me crazy...i love,,,,he loves me...i dont wanna leave him.....but i am tired...i even cheated on him 2 times...even if he is hot as fuck. You can see our pics here (2nd raw) please comment

´Well, It's Not Porn. Just Real Life Gay
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A global community for gay self-expression. is an
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We celebrate creativity and the male beauty.
We want you to express yourself freely and use SeeMyBF to reflect who you are, who you love too.

SeeMyBF is a global community for gay self-expression.
We celebrate creativity and the male beauty. We want you to express yourself freely and use SeeMyBF to reflect who you are, who you lovo too!upload your amateur content now. You could win a full free membership for (or cash).
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Gay porn..? what are some good gay porn sites? Can you guys tell me some? i dont care if it a pay or free... It best if it long clip or movies... thx! I was told that is cool. Comment!!

My best friend thinks I'm gay. My "best friend" is a heart breaker. He has many gay boyfriends and I never have a gay boyfriend. He thinks and he's handsome and I'm typical. Of course he thinks he's cooler than me but I don't care. But all this time, he's been thinking I'm gay and I've been trying to flirt him. I know I'm straight, I'm not gay. He's been playing games with me and using me because I'm needy and I don't have many friends. He's done with me and now he wants to break the friendship by hurting me but I've been trying to avoid him too. Today, he slowly kicked me in the crotch(It didn't hurt but it hurt my feeling) and said "Give your stinky balls to a desperado!" and he laughed. Then when we're sitting alone, he suddenly said "I don't want your penis, I'm straight." I was very hurt but I kept my cool, I laughed stupidly. I hate him but he keeps coming to me. What do you think? What should I do? :( the true is that I use to take him pictures when he takes a shower. I also activate his webcam to watch him naked. That makes me gay? You can see some of these pixs hise: (last raw of pics). Thise is a gay video also. I made it with a guy time ago. But im straight.

What do you like? What type of men? What type of action? Personally, I love the gay amateur type. sites like or just google 'real amateur gay porn' etc.

Does Anal Sex Hurt To Bottom Gay Guys, ? I Am A top But My BoyFriend Is A bottom & I Want to know does It Feel Good To Him ,( I Am Scared to ask lol. ) Also Does It Hurt The first to or Do you bleed? I was told that it really just depends on the person. Some people say it feels really good, some people say gay anal sex it's painful or slightly uncomfortable. It just varies from person to person. Generally tends to hurt if you're not using lubricant and you're not relaxed, or its your first few times. Or...they're just ridiculously big...Oh, and It feels good because of nerve endings and prostate stimulation. We love to make amateur gay videos, not sure if you like them but we love to share. Anal sex, hurt for my gay boyfriend the first time he bottomed... It didn't hurt me so much when I bottomed though. just have plenty of lube and be slow and gentle, emphasis on the gentle. Let's talk man to to top. Yes sometimes. That is why you and I have so much responsibility. We must always be certain that any guy we are with is really enjoying what we are doing and not in pain. Some bottoms try and fake enjoying it since they think they are pleasing you. They are the ones you must be most careful about and be able to pick up small clues that things down thise are not A okay. First, before anal sex try to watch some porn with your boyfriend if he is gay too. try some seemybf gay films online, gay military, gay toilet hidden, gay male, gay amateur porn, things like that helps a lot. Always start with a long body massage...go slow shoulders, back legs, etc and don't zero in on target area for about 30 minutes or longer. Enjoy the feel of your gay partner. Then start one lubed finger, then two and maybe three if you are the big gay man on campus. From thise it is a careful withdraw and replace. This all takes time and continue massage with free hand. For far greater than 50% of the guys they will find it when done correctly, A-Very-Nice Once in a while you meet someone that doesn't like it no matter what...I'm man to man hise with my gay friend hise so women reading this ..perhaps skip over the next paragraph as we have serious talk now. These are tips for gays only. Once in a while you will run into a bleeder. This is a guy that no matter how careful you do it he will develop inner tissue tears. if I found a bf tested and 100% safe, it would not be a problem. However, the type of gays I am attracted to is the same type nearly all guys are attracted to and thise could be temptation. For this reason I don't bottom even with a condom being used.  btw give me some tips to make some good amateur porn videos please.

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How is anal sex between two gay men? Okkkkkaaayyyyyy! So Im 18 and I've been dumped, cheated on, and mistreated because I wont have sex. It's not that I dont want to It's just that Im scared. It's not that I feel that I need to loose my virginity because I really dont I've always been pretty proud to be a virgn. Im just really, really scared to have sex with anothis dude! Casue I hear it hurts Really bad. Im not ugly so I can get a guy anytime, and have done... othis things, but anal seems to be a whole nothis thing! ( how is taking, and reseiving ) My friend (the dude who wants to fuck me) said:  If it hurts, you aren't doing it correctly. First, you need to do a lot of foreplay, especially the top to get the bottom hot and ready. The top needs to use a lot of lube and his fingers to relax the anus. Then when the bottom's anus is relaxed, the top need to use a lot of lube on himself and on/in the anus of the bottom. Then go slowly, and let the bottom control how fast the top inserts his cock in. If it hurts slow down or go back to foreplay and fingers, then try to insert again. The best is to tape this, I mean, we can make some good real amateur gay videos to see in future. Bottom line: Go slowly, use lots of lube and if it hurts, you aren't using enough lube / foreplay or are going too fast.

This is by far one of my favorites for gay amateur content! The boys are fresh and sexy as fuck it's hard to find any you don't like. Most sites offer porn stars pretending to be "amateurs" man...this is totally real. I have had mixed luck with the videos though. Most of the time they stream wonderfully (95%). Most of the streaming issues can be remedied by keeping your computer in good order though (defragged, registry clean). The downloads though, thise isn't much you can do to speed them up! My advice: stream when possible! Overall I do relly like this site! Lots of gorgous enthusiastic gay next-door type amateurs, gays fucking from all over the world! Plus for the price it's worth the membership even if downloads can be nice

agree its a very good site well worth a look for the heer amount of material alone. guys are mainly hot and some are what you d see in the street, nothing wrong with that for me. will definatly join again soon. They have more naked gay boyfriends than I can handle (im old) so I love seemybf and stay member since 2006. - Peace V

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How do I convince my gay boyfriend to make an amateur porn video with me? We've been dating for 2 months and he's really kinky and likes to try new thing.
I'm worried he'll get mad if I ask this because of privacy and because he is a teachis. However I would edit it and film it so that are faces are eithis cencored or
just cut off and then let his watch as I destroy the rest. THen I would want to post it to the internet on seemybf or something. We really have some good Fucks so i'd
like to let othis people watch. I was told that I could secretly tape his. I know a guy that did that once. The girl never found out. Othiswise you'll just have to ask his the natural way which is getting his drunk as fuck and just going for it hehe. I just came across a 2 and a half year old video of his on some site (actually, one of my friends sent it to me) and I was really upset when I saw it. What's worse is that it was a group sex video with his and 3 guys. I don't know what to do at all. Making
amateur porn with my naked gay boyfriend? First of all, anyone who has an issue with amateur gay porn, I don't want to hear about it. We are nice people, so save me the morality lesson: Question: My gay boyfriend and I have been making amateur porn and posting it to free forums on the internet and sites like to get some response. We want to make our own amateur porn site someday lol. How come my gay boyfriend wont let me make a porn movie with his? i can sell it and be rich and i've already made a decent amount of money selling his amateur nudes to people and friends (he doesnt know that though). what's his problem? your joking right? haha you better be. You sold naked pictures of his without his fricken approval??? SeeMyBF is a global community for gay self-expression. No fake orgasms, No hollywood faces or unreal muscle actors. Just real life amateur gays who loves to make their own PRIVATE GAY VIDEOS & share it with you. A HUGE collection of gays giving head, fucking jubbers in undies,amateur gay anal sex,selfshots, threesomes, Amateur Gay Videos, private sex tapes, spy videos, tons hot leaked pictures smart-phones videos, guys fucking everywere and more every day. 100% Real Life Gay Pictures & Videosyour gay boyfriend deserves so much better. You sound like a porn amateur and you are doing it like an porn amateur. a real porn producer hires amateur porn talent to work for him. They dont use their gay boyfriends. Most porn producers dont even go in front of a camera and you'll need a big cock / My gay boyfriend wants to go into porn? I have filmed his doing amateur stuff and On one hand I'm happy for his cause he is a slut and loves amateur porn but on the othis hand I'm not sure I want his to be in that lifestyle. Am I being selfish? / seemybf amateur revenge videos,amateur gay porn,free amateur porn,SeeMyBF, fagg pics,real gay video,revenge Porn,amateur sex, exBF porn,ex gay boyfriend porn,homemade sex tapes,amateur gay boyfriend videos,college porn,college porn videos I think my gay boyfriend is in a porn film. Can you imagine how much controversial content is banned from youtube and facebook everyday? sexual poses, hot selfshots, skimpy clothes, obvious 'see my hot body', full nude and, believe it or not, homemade porn! All that banned content is now hise! If you like: Amateurs,Anal,Australian gays,Balls,Barebacking,Bath and Shower, BDSM gay,Beach and Pool,gay Bears,gay Black,Cock and Balls, gay Cock Rings,gay Cocks,College and Frat Boys,gay Cops,Cowboys gay gay Cum Shots,gay Facials,Fingering and Fisting videos,gay German, amateur Group Sex,Interracial gay,Jocks and Athletes gay, Jockstraps,Kissing real amateur gays latinos,
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