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Straight Dudes Flirt with Gays?My one friend is straight, Yet, he constantly flirts around with me and sometimes not even in a joking matter. I'd say we're pretty good friends. He'll hug me, try to pick me up, In front of large groups he won't hug me goodbye, he shakes my hand instead (which I can see/feel is awkward for him today, because we mostly hangout alone). I don't know if he's bi or what. He talks about naked girls. But at the same time he uses to send me dirty self shots pictures and even private videos showing his cock..btw you can see these pictures here. He's have a girlfriend..Do you think all this touching, weird eye contact, and flirting is normal or he wants to be more that friends? Tell me..straight dudes flirt with gays?

Straight Dudes Can Be Also Gays? Do you think that it is easier for a straight guy to "turn" gay then for a gay guy to turn "straight"? or do you think that its is the other round. I know being gay is not something that you choose which is why i have used the "" over the turn. But im just curious because there are a lot of straight guys, married men and so on who avidly claim they are straight but who would have sex with a gay guy. These same men would often claim that being gay is a choice. Im actually gay so I know that being is not a choice because ive actually tried to be straight and just couldnt get an erection over a girl. One does not "turn" gay or str8; those are pre-determined aspects of your being from birth. What CAN change is one's self-awareness and acceptance of one's own sexuality. We live in a society that socializes all people as if they were str8. While it is true that much of the population IS str8, without role models and examples of what it's like to grow up gay, gay people are left to their own devices to stumble through the first part of their life feeling "different" or "wrong" until the they begin to recognize the signs of attraction to the same sex as well as other definitively gay feelings. I do not think that our world is as neatly divided into str8/bi/gay as most people would like to believe. The spectrum of human sexuality is rather wide and while the population more than likely skews towards heterosexuality (the species has to propagate SOMEHOW) there are many guys who fall into the grey areas of wondering about/participating in "gay" sex but identifying as str8. Having sex with a guy does NOT make one or label one as "gay." Wanting to be with another man and share in his life and love: THAT is what defines a gay man. There are some men who, regardless of the sex of their partner, will have sex at the drop of a hat. They are more interested in getting their rocks off, not the gender of the person they're with..

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He Sext-me Last Night and said "if i was your bf what would you do to me" so i text him back somethings i would do to him and he text back "sounds good to bad im straight haha :P" He could be playing or really be interested. I say play back. In a joking way not too flirty,so you can always play it off but why should st8 dudes get all the fun? I'm gay and I act flirty with my girl friends, that doesn't mean I'm straight. He also keeps saying to me that he is straight and not gay and when we did talk ; he talked about the sex he had with his girlfriend...graphic and also told me he has a large penis....he sent me a video and many picks showing me his body and cock. I really want to suck his cock or have sex but the whole situation is very bizarre...he has even said twice that why I would want a relationship with him? I think he is confused as to what he wants and using our work colleague is a bit harsh from her point. He also always the first time we met, in the lift and where I looked him up and down and he has mentioned this many times. Our mutual friends has said that they think he likes me and they went to a gay club and apparently all he was talking about was me. Maybe he likes me or not? He also said to others if he was going to do it, I would be the one he would do it with....confusing or what? When we have meetings he always sits next to our female colleague which is bizarre; maybe to prove a point, I don't know. He has also shown text messages I sent him to others which was upsetting.So please tell me Straight guys who flirt with gay guys? Is just a game or what? Because I would really love to suck his balls and cock so bad. His body is pure muscle and he acts like a macho. I'm uploading all his pictures to so you can comment. Tell me why do they do that? Apparently it's quite common and annoying as hell especially when I want this guy badly...
Does Being Metrosexual Make Me Gay?
I always hear stuff on tv about so and so being metro..what does metro mean? and what does a guy do to become a metro? Metrosexual it's just a new wave "slang" term that is thown out there to describe a heterosexual guy, who dresses more preppy or stylish than one would expect or is more into "girly" things than most straight guys. Examples: Guys that like to spend a lot of time in the mirror getting ready to go out. Guys that use lots of gel/mousse styling their hair. Guys that get manicures and facials.Guys that moisterize and use lotion. Guys that use hand sanitizer often. Guys that use "fruity" smelling shampoo. Guys that have many plutonic female friends. Guys that prefer "foofoo" drinks instead of hard liquor or beer. Guys that cross their legs like girls to look more distingueshed. Guys that wear cologne every time they go out. Guys that prefer button down (Polo) type shirts than T-Shirts. Guys that iron their jeans. Guys that prefer briefs to boxers (and if they do wear boxers, there silk boxers. Guys that wear "chap stick", even when they don't have to. (especially cherry flavor). Guys that usually shave their body hair, underarms or pubes. Guys that will spend 30-40 dollars for a haircut at a beauty salon. (which they could have got at a regular barber for 15-20 bucks)..things like that. If you are a straight guy and 5 or more of these things applies to you, then you are a metrosexual!

Not all these guys can be completely straight and interested in women sexually, metrosexuals loves to flirt with gays now. But they tend to have interests more similar to women than your average "macho" straight guy and are more into their physical appearance. Note that a lot of "heterosexual" guys are also into the typical guy things like sports and cars as well. Heterosexual guys are very comfortable in their own sexuality and unlike a lot of other straight dudes, they aren't usually homophobic and are comfortable having gay friends. That's all metrosexual means. Other than their dress habits and personal interests, they basically appear to be straight. Guys that live in big cities (New York, LA, London, Paris, etc) and go out to clubs in those places alot are more likely to be metrosexual (where they appear more sophisticated and approachable to women) than guys from rural or country areas (where they are more likely to get called a fag for being like that), which likely explains where the term "metro"-sexual came from. Anyway many of them flirt with gays or send dirty self pictures naked showing their muscles and cock - Join Now Here For Just $1

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I have gay sex, but I'm still straight? this is what ppl said: I think that you probably like to be stimulated anally and you need an outlet for that but you aren't really attracted to men. You should probably get with a woman who is open to providing you with the anal stimulation that you seek. By the way, you're right, you do choose who you have sex with. No one should be forcing you to have sex with them and you shouldn't feel obligated to do something that you really don't want to do / You're bisexual: betwixt and between gay and straight and if you had gay sex four times then that is something above and beyond curiosity. Catch. went through this himself before realising he was bisexual but more comfortable with other guys, so gay to all intents and purposes.  It just takes time for you to accept that you're not the orientation that folk, including your parents, assumed you were going to be. You're sexually bisexual (or gay) even if you're purely straight romantically. The only thing that tells us that you never yet met a guy you truly cared for. Catch. was 30 before he had his first true same sex crush which he recognised as such.

You can't turn gay and you can't turn straight. Though sexuality is quite a complex thing. The men that are married and have sex with men are either trying to repress their sexuality or are bisexual but I generally they are trying to repress their sexuality. Don't try to be straight, be yourself and do what feels right for you. I "wonder" occasionally too. But I think our sexual preferences are pretty much as hard wired as our plumbing. Choice is such a curious term. I suppose sleeping with a woman as opposed to being celibate is a choice. In that way choosing to have sex with another man or being celibate is also a choice. its been proven that its almost impossible to turn a gay man straight and doing so will cause physiological harm but straight people turn gay all the time lol its kinda like and "straight" guys who have sex with gay ones are like gay duh



Straight but attracted to gay friend? I have a girlfriend, but lately things between us have gotten..monotonous. Ever since my gay friend hinted that he found me attractive I've been thinking about him a lot. I've become obsessed, every time I see him hes so obviously up for it and its getting harder to ignore the feeling that I'd be up for it too. I don't want to hurt my girlfriend but I feel like Im cheating on her every time I thing about him. should I break it off with her and 'experiment' or wait until the feeling passes? Sounds like you already know what you want... Now, the hardest part is telling your girlfriend. If you think she may be the type who may use this as ammunition against you, then maybe you should address the issue in another light... instead of telling her that you have feelings for your guy friend, just explain that you have a lot of things going on in your life right now and it is going to take some time to figure out what is best for you. Tell her that it isn't fair that she have to be included in the stress and feel that you two should not be involved in a relationship. Whichever route you choose to break it off with your girlfriend, you should first consider all of the possible outcomes and how they may have an effect on your forthcoming new life. Once you have considered all of the possible scenarios, then you should choose which one will have the greatest outcome with the least amount of hurt for anyone and everyone (including yourself) involved. Unless she is VERY understanding, I don't know of many young ladies who want to be known as "the girl who got dumped by a gay guy"... That's why I say approach this with lots of weighed out possibilities and with utmost diplomacy.  Just let your girlfriend down easily and let your friend know about your feelings. You're so lucky it is your friend and not just some person you know and you're also very lucky he is attracted to you too! That relationship could be perfect, don't let it get away just because of a girl being in the way, I think you should go with the boy, please go for the boy! tough one, I can relate cause I'm BI. And so are you. Your not straight if you are attracted to him dude. But that might not last, so dont freek out. The best thing, but the hardest would be honesty. Tell your GF you want a break to 'experiment'. Or you could cheat on her, or break up. If it was me, I would break up with her for a while if you dont want everyone to know whats up. Explore you hot friend :) you may never get another chance.

Chicha19@USA is fantastic. tons and tons of real life dudes doing selfshots and mirror pictures...showing their cocks and masturbatiing for the camera. They have everything man...and tons of leaked videos sent by ex girlfriends too! btw I just uploaded my ex-boyfriend's pictures hehe yeahhh


you are bisexual and it is as simple as that. You need to google "gay self-loathing" and read up I think a few lightbulbs will go on for you. This actually happens to a lot of people - guys and girls. You are gay but are not ready to admit it yet. Ask yourself these questions: Do I find men sexually attractive? What do I think about when I'm jerking it? Why did I have sex with a man? What initiated those encounters? Could I be Bi Sexual? Do I think of guys as "Hot" "Sexy" or "Beautiful" ? Ever been attracted to another guy before, like men-crush? Or are you in for the thrill-kill to find out, if it is more than just a fleeting attraction, since you have the chance to give it a go? It is rather obvious that it is tempting you otherwise it would still work out with your girlfriend. Keep in mind, dropping her like a hot potato isn't the gentleman's way, regardless if it is for another girl or a guy, so think hard about what you really want. You feel already like cheating on her? Do you still have feelings for her? Do you still feel physically attracted to her? Think of ending this before you cheat on her. When you want to dump her, be at least discreet about your little adventure, not that it is bad, but being dumped because it doesn't work out anymore is something else than being dumped because there is a guy and you want to experiment. It will be pretty tough for her. If this feeling were fleeting, then you had given it a thought or two, but eventually this isn't the case. Your choice. There is no problem with experimenting in order to find out who you are and what you want. But personally I'd say, one step at a time.


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Why do i only like straight guys? so first of all i should start by saying im a gay next i have only ever had crushes on guys who are obviously straight or in a relationship and ussually are semi-douchey (very stereo typical jock mentality) im what you would consider a very straight acting gay guy (barring my music choices :P), My question is this- why am i so attracted to guys that i know are straight as an arrow and really are kind of mean to people in general. I don't like gay masculine males like straight dudes. Their perfect bodies, their personalitiesand their big hard cocks oh boy! I love to watch dudes totally naked showing their dicks and big arms. btw im 25y and still like stright guys more than gay guys..i think it's normal or what?

Guide on Hiding a Video Camera like a Pro! Wanna spy on straight dudes when she is naked? wanna make a video while they fuck? Hiding a video camera should do the trick. To spy straight dudes naked you could use: cellphones, a pinhole camera, web-cam, video camera, or surveillance system. (Anything with a camera on it!) Check the maximum recording time on the device, and make sure it's around the time you're looking for. Depending on how big it is, it may be harder to hide. Find where you're gonna be hiding it: It would be best to hide it in a not-so-obvious place where no one's likely to look. For example: Not very many normal people go looking in a plant/flower pot for a video camera all the time. Get creative with this! The hiding places are endless. Other common hiding places for spy cameras include: paintings, smoke detectors, clocks, lamps, dressers, shelves, ceilings, etc. Discover your own secret hiding spot(s), and nobody has to know the camera is there but you! And be ready to watch your girlfriend tits and your girlfriend's friends totally naked or even masturbating or fucking?? Turn on your camera and put in record mode BEFORE you leave it there. If your camera requires you to hold down a button to record, then use a piece of tape to hold down the button. If the "Hidden" camera doesn't stay hidden: Some hidden camera owners lack common sense; which results in their plans failing to work. Hidden cameras can be found anywhere, even in private areas such as changing rooms, toilets, showers, hotel rooms, and many other places you would never expect someone to be watching you in. Then wait and when you get the video share it with the everybody here. You will watch so many big cocks and dudes in their most private moments hehe enjoy!!!


Can straight guys like male amateur porn? Do girls like to watch straight dudes naked as some kind of porn? A friend and I have had a long standing discussion about this. Can a guy still consider himself straight if he enjoys porn involving nude guys? Does it mean the guy is gay or bi or do straight guys enjoy the even occasional peek as well? I've heard straight guys can get addicted to this type of thing but remain heterosexual, but I am not sure. Overall, I'm talking about porn specifically geared towards gay and bi men, although I do realize some guys look at straight porn largely to look at guys too. I'm not sure. I think there's a huge difference between enjoying gay porn and actually wanting to do it yourself. I don't believe you have to be gay to enjoy gay porn, but I do believe you're homosexual if you like doing it yourself. So I think people who like gay porn are not necessarily homosexual, but since they consider themselves straight. I mean guys like watching porn to see the penetration and the girls expression and wish it was them, they dont even think about the guy. i know i only see what i want to see even when a girl is getting gang bang by a few guys. hahahaha dozens of straight men secretly looks at gay porn just to see what they think they might be missing and i also bet that most would get off on it in some small way as men str8 seem naturally horny. Why do i love dick so much? ok im a guy and not gay nor do i get turned on by cocks but im fascinated by them i always go on google and look it up. and i always measure remotes and stuff. and i always wanna see my freinds dick. My straight friends say im gay but i dont think i am gay cos i dont get turned on by them. what do yous think? I just want to watch cocks and straight dudes naked


Where can i show my penis on the internet? my penis is small but i still want to show it.. WHERE? Can I show my cock @ or what? I just saw that WatchDudes is for the men who like showing their dicks off. May serve as a gay/bi dating also. I'm straight and I want to show my cock, is okay?


Can a straight guy be gay after a few beers? Your boyfriend can either be bi, bi-curious or gay? Watching straight dudes naked is gay porn too (either gay porn or some other type of porn) is one thing. Participating in a gay act is another. He said that he joined after a few drinks. He is straight and his cock looks normal.

agree its a very good site well worth a look for the sheer amount of material alone. dudes are mainly hot and some are what you d see in the street, nothing wrong with that for me. They have more naked man than I can handle (im old) so I love
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STRAIGHT MEN!! Do you flirt with other men at work or wherever just to play around? I've heard some people say that 'all' guys do it. I've heard some people say that (straight) guys 'don't' do that. Men, if you do flirt with other men just to play around, then 'what' do you say when you talk to other guys like that? And what do they tell you back?? Just wanted to know if this 'is' typical guy behavior when women 'aren't' around because I've never really experienced guys talking that way to each other before! THANKS for any input!! If they 'joke' around, then could it be 'sexual' joking?? Like if a guy at work told another, 'What time do they close?' What? 'Your butt cheeks!' Or, what if an employee called his boss at home and said,'what are you doing?' And the boss said,'thinking of you!' Do alot of guys do this?? ... just curious! My boss says stupid things like that to other men just to freak them out. (like the thinking of you thing)  My best friend and I joke about our partners being in a relationship because they spend more time around eachother than me n my best friend. They will say yeah there's things you two don't know about us. Just kidding around. I don't think ALL guys do it, but I think the ones that are comfortable in their sexuality have no trouble putting up with it. It's when the touching starts that you should be worried. btw i think FLIRT is the absolute wrong word to use in this situation!! It's just joking around. Am I suppose to flirt with other men? I have always adored a woman in general to the deep core, all my life. There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than the most beautiful, most prettiest, most attractive woman on the planet. edit: Yes! I had a job before where the co workers definitely joke around like that. But if they constantly joke around too much, that means, they are up to something and are ready to lure the man into a first timer bi experience. I saw many free pictures on and free gay videos too. All these guys are straight but gays loves to watch straight dudes naked. I'm straight & married. I sometimes flirt with man. yes straight Men do flirt with other Men! There are many guys who are bi-sexual. Sometimes they do not even know that they are. Men who flirt with other men are not 100% straight? Are you stupid If a man is straight he has no reason to be flirting with other men! I’m straight , but my dick is kinda bi! LOL Not a big fan of ‘being hit on’ by gays, but when a guy let’s me know the option is there, just fine by me. Beat the shit out of him?1? lol, yeah most rpobably, but know a dude at the gym that would beat all of us. the truth is that there is NO way to “convert” a straight guy. I have attracted about 4 straight men towards me and im exactly the same.. Im just theyre bro i do everyrthing all the guys do im not feminen and they always just see me as being sensitive and smart and have always had some sort of upper hand in having them get close to me in different ways… This is probably the only way ive ever noticed myself seducing a straight male. I have done it to around 4 guys in the past ALL STRAIGHT, girlfriends and everything. I had sex with many straight dudes. This dude is kinda strange. He openly masturbates in front of me, twice TOTALLY naked, has touched my dick, soft and hard, and even spread his ass a few times. He also rarely dates girls. It sounds like a dream for a horny, bi man. But whenever I’ve tried to touch him he thinks Its weird. I lust over him. WatchDudes: Do you think he might be gay/bi? Why some presumably straight guys like to flirt a lot. They can flirt with you in public even to the extent of you feeling embarrassed but when its just the two of you in the bedroom, they freak out. I dont know if other gay guys have the same experience but many times I get these friends that I really really love. They flirt, they touch, and disturb until I decide that its time to feel them. Usually, they freak out and I get so disappointed. Thereafter, I never feel like I like them anymore. It appears, without sex, its difficult for me to mentain a true friendship with another man that I am attracted to. Is it true for other gay guys? I am a single straight guy who is 34 I would welcome a seduction from a gay guy as long as I find some attraction.
If I find him attractive and he flirts with me that would be a turn on. I would feel excited that an attractive man wanted me and would be open to teaching me how to let a man please me and to teach me how to please him. So if there are any gay or bi men who are interested in seducing me, come and get me. i was in the navy and i fell in love with my bestfriend… we were both in the navy… i couldnt believe how stupid i was.. i knew that this guy would DO it because he was horny… but we didnt actually do it but we had a lot of times that we almost had sex but i stopped. now i am out of the military because of something that i regret… and that was being so stupid of falling in love with him i dont wanna go in to details but all i can say is seducing a straight guy is a lot of fun and excitement. So I have to tell you straight-guy-sex is only good for short term. I lived with a straight dude for a year and it was really a confusing situation. We started out as friends and one night we got a little drunk together and went back to his apartment and ended up having a full sexual encounter. We went to his room while his then roommates were sleeping and he let me do him. He got into it too and even did a little oral on me. Later we moved in together and we had sex several times, but always “on his terms”. It was good while it lasted but I couldn’t get over him doing me one night and fucking his bitch girlfriend the next night. - Comments by members
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