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Gay flirting with straight guys? CAN ANYONE GIVE ME SOME TIPS ON HOW TO FLIRT WITH A STRAIGHT GUY PLZ? and its not the same as flirting wit a gay man cuz with a gay man u can be more open about it with a straight guy u have to b more discreet, o and i want to flirt with him just for fun and i now he wouldnt get mad if he noticed but the point is to not let him notice Watch Vids

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First, be really open about your sexuality. If you're in the closet, it's never going to work. Be friendly and always smile. Joke around and play that gay role. You can then start by complimenting his clothing. Some examples: "That shirt suits you - it shows off your big muscles." If he's comfortable
with it, he'll try to impress you more. He'll be trying to dress better to try to impress you. But don't
compliment him all the time. Do it only once in a while. Anyway, have fun and just make sure it's
clear in your head that there's a 90% chance this won't go anywhere but you could have luck
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