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Ok, so me and my girlfriend are both eighteen and we have been together for two years now (tomorrow is our second anniversary!). Anyway, I have had the pleasure of feeling/sucking her boobs for a long time and we lost our virginity together about a a week ago. But only up until recently all I can think about are her boobs! "two, big, round, soft, G cup breasts in my mouth". Every time I greet her which is pretty much every day the first thing I will do is squeeze them and then actually kiss my girlfriend. I don't know if I'm being disrespectful and immature. I definitely DO respect my girlfriend, especially her body, especially her boobs, but I can't help but putting her nipple in my mouth, fondling her breasts till I fall asleep. Help!

How To Enjoy My Girlfriend's Breasts? My girlfriend has allowed me to feel her up but only to her breasts. She also allowed me to massage them when making out and nobody's around. Since she still allow me very recently so I don't know how to enjoy her breasts and make her feel good without having sex, since she still not allowing sex yet. I also don't know where is the best place to do that because we don't want our families know about it. She couldn't go topless in public either. But she loves to send me pictures of her tits. You can see some samples here. She loves to show her tits. Is that normal? A friend of mine tolds me: Start out by hovering your fingers over the skin in a gentle, almost tickling motion (like petting a soap bubble). Avoid the nipples to start. Gently pull them and squeeze them. As you progress, girls like them to be cupped and supported. Wiggle them gently to rub the nipples on her shirt/bra. Have her sit in your lap with her back to her and wrap your arms around her. Spend time kissing her (and pay attention to the ear) and lick/kiss down her neck. When she arches her head to give you more access - you are doing it right. Alternate sides. While cupping the breast, slip the nipple between your fingers and gently closing your hand and squeeze. Even later - squeezing the breast will support the nipple for more play. Women are ... like cats. A good technique is to play - move away - play - move away. Drop your hand away and run your hand over her stomach and around her back and ignore the breast for a minute or two. Her reaction when you return will be stronger. Not all girls like this but I like to treat one breast gently and delicately with light fingers, but be a lot more firm and direct with the other.

I Love To Show My Tits My boyfriend saw a dress on ebay that I was watching which was low cut and pointed it out implying that it was 'too' low cut. I said that it would look different on me than a mannequin and that I could always wear something underneath it. Then he said that I obviously 'want to have my boobs out', being rude and with no intention of apologising. I do not want to have my boobs 'out', I have big breasts but why should I feel the need to just wear t shirts just because he's getting protective over me/them. It's a smart summer dress, why am I being made to feel like I'm dressing too revealing. Do women go out and pay for a set of 34B's or even an A cup ? No, they want to go out and get a set of " D's" or " DD's". Every woman wants a bigger set. None of you are happy with a set of " B's or C's". Not every woman wants a bigger set and I will let you in on a little secret. There are a lot of guys out here that hate bigger breast and want women with smaller breast, I for one hate larger breast and love the "B-C" women. Not all men want the bigger chested women. He may feel a little insecure because of you all the sudden wanting to toss them out there for all to see. Try on similar dresses with him in stores and show something underneath. Tell him others may get to see part of them but they are all his.Wear the dress. He doesn't get to tell you what to wear. If you let him control things that small, he'll start getting more controlling. My friend has a boyfriend like this and their relationship is horrible. Just be your own person. If he can't get over you wearing a dress that shows off your body, dump him. He should want you to wear things that make you feel good about yourself and he should want to show you off. . I want to go on or chatroulette or omegle video and just show my boobs to someone. How do i go about doing this? should i show them my face? What happens if for some off chance, my mom walks in..? I really want to show my boobs to people over the internet. It's sexy! - Watch Amateur Tits For Just $1
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It's Wrong To Show Guys Your Tits? Okay well I'm 19 and I'm a 36D and a lot of guys ask me. It really scares me but I don't want to loose these gus as friends so I don't know if I should do it. These guys are my age and I have known them since I was little so I don't think anything would happen. I mean should I or what do I do? Is it wrong to show guys your boobs in general? My best friend wrote me saying: you are an adorable big boobed 19 years old sweetheart. It is wrong to succumb to peer group pressure at any age over any subject, but especially when it comes to things like this. Your body should be sacred to you. You should love & respect it. These guys are young also, so they probably don't realise just how inappropriate they are being or the long term effects it will cause you if you give in to their suggestions.Think about the bigger picture. You are old enough to realise that boobs are a sexual tool. If they are able to get you to do this, it won't be long after that they try to get you to do other things as well. Even if you show them your boobs & nothing else happens, the chances are lots of people will get to hear about it & you could then become bullied for having gone through with it. Tell them all to bog off. They might be your friends, if that's the case they will respect you for standing up to them. If they still continue to ask you to do this, then they really aren't your friend & you should stay away from them. Under no circumstances give in to their demands. I think there's nothing wrong with flashing tits to the guys. all the guys will want to see my boobs. So is better that I self shot my tits so everybody can see them on

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'Why Do I Show My Tits? Well Maybe I'm Just Needing Attention and Compliments' she said.
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I love boobs is that weird? Let me just start out by saying that I'm not some strange pervert, I'm actually a 19 male who is just looking to get answers either by female or male members of the WatchMyTits site. Now that's out of the way i would like to start asking my question. Would it be weird for you girls if your man openly stated to you that he is very much attracted to your boobs and asked if he could massage/play with them for hours on end. Also, is it weird to be attracted to boobs more so than any other part of the female body? I'm asking males opinions on this as well to see if they are also like this. The reason I'm asking this is because yes, I am still pretty young and inexperienced, as well as the fact that my previous girlfriend wanted me to have nothing to with her boobs even during sex and i never even got to touch them for more than two seconds before my hand was pushed away. Since I'm very much attracted to them this created problems in our sex life because I did everything I could to please her and she wouldn't do the same for me which of course is one of the reasons why she is my ex girlfriend. I know its rather long and it may sound very strange but answers are very much appreciated. I love to watch tits so girls, please upload your tits pictures!


My girlfriend is very slut and I want to titty fuck her but I don't know how. She just sent me an email:  Brandon, men are supposed to like breasts. It's built into your brain. And many women enjoy having they breasts touched, others of course do not. I wouldn't find it weird for a boy to want to touch my breasts. You just need to find a woman who enjoys having her breasts massaged and I do like that. Do you want to fuck my breast some day? omg I just don't know what to do. How I do fuck her big boobs? from what I hear, its common for men to be attracted to one specific part of the female body. Some like butts, some boobs etc. Do you like boobs too? It's normal?


Well is it "weird" to be attracted to female breasts? No, of coarse not! It's only natural for a man to be attracted to the physical shape of the a female. We (yes I am a guy), males are biologically attracted to the female figure or the commonly known "hour-glass figure" and yes the breasts are included in this. It is only a natural thing to have an attraction to one of these factors from the figure that the females have. And you having an attraction to this part compared to the other part is nothing weird, it's your own liking to a specific thing. We (females included) have our own specific attraction to the different sex. Now, if a man openly stated to you that he is very much attracted to your boobs and asked if he could massage/play with them for hours on end. First of all that is a wrong way to approach a girl. Even if your intention is to compliment their body. Unless there are girls who are openly ok with guys fondling their breasts living around you, congrats you are in luck! But openly going up to a girl will not get you anywhere.
It's unfortunate that your ex did not understand your attraction. One should at least try to
ful fill the pleasure of their significant other in a relationship. Hopefully you'll meet another
girl who doesn't mind that. And I hope you treat her if she has any interesting attraction
to the male body too. So, is it weird? no, embrace it. But don't just go grabbing cause it won't get you anywhere close. Hope it Helps! I love

Chicha19@USA is fantastic. tons and tons of real life girls doing selfshots and mirror pictures...showing their tits, small and huge, they have everything man...and tons of couples doing videos while they fuck. btw I just uploaded my ex-girlfrieend's pictures
too hehe yeahhh

Is it natural for boys to love watch my tits? If im running down the stairs, the guys in the corridor just stare at my chest LOL.. awkward DO they do it without thniking.. is it something all boys think about? they don't have a brain or what? Anne my bff thinks that guys love boobs-especially nice bouncy ones..I guess it reminds us of our mothers in a way-the need to suck on a nice pair never goes away...If they are looking too much -it might be time for a more supportive bra, LOL If you want the full scientific explanation (don't read if you don't want to ruin the mystery).... breasts mimic the buttocks (ever notice how cleavage kind of resembles the "coin slot" of a bum?), and in nature the hip/waist/bum area is the source of all fertility. We are attracted to large breasts/bums because that usually means a more fertile mate. It is programmed into us and there's really nothing we can do about it. When most men see a nice pair of breasts we just LOSE it, which is really just us expressing our desire to mate with you. I'm guessing you either have a fairly large chest or you don't hide what you do have, so yes, boys are going to stare.  You can either enjoy being objectified and desired only for your physical characteristics OR you can dress conservatively and/or correct the boys with the ol' "Hey, I'm up here!" routine.Definitely yes. Men just have a thing for boobs! Dont think of it as being awkward, but instead, think of it as a compliment! I am sorry to sound vulgar/immature, but the guys obviously like looking at your cock when ur going down the stairs! would you like that? heheh


Why doesn't he take off his underwear? Who fucks with their underwear on? Weirdo!
you can upload your own porn? I have tons of vids to send man. I want to revenge my ex girlfriend Lara Harrison cause she cheated on me. btw try this
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Straight but I like boobs? Am I straight if I like guys but i also really like boobs? Does that make me bi? my teacher says that if u like tits but your straight? Well being bi doesn't really mean likeing a body part of a certian sex it's more of do you see your self ever being with a guy? Or a girl? Meaning do u mind being in a relationship with a girl ? Alot of straight ppl watch lesbian porn and are attracted or curios about the womens body.. Doesn't make them bi so you can breathe. Plus if you were bi you can recall bi moments when you were younge and if you can go both of those things then your bi.I don't know....I am straight! I like guys a lot! I could never imagine myself with a girl at
all but I really like boobs and I often see women and think they are attractive. I don't
know what that means but I have tryed to supress those kinds of feelings. btw I just
sent 6 pix of my tits to WatchMyTits rate my boobs please!!! lol

Guide on Hiding a Video Camera like a Pro! Wanna spy on your girlfriend when she is naked? wanna make a video while you fuck? Wanna show your friends your girlfriend's tits? wanna know if she has been cheating?hiding a video camera should do the trick. To spy your big boobed girlfriend you could use: cellphones, a pinhole camera, web-cam, video camera, or surveillance system. (Anything with a camera on it!) Check the maximum recording time on the device, and make sure it's around the time you're looking for. Depending on how big it is, it may be harder to hide. Find where you're gonna be hiding it: It would be best to hide it in a not-so-obvious place where no one's likely to look. For example: Not very many normal people go looking in a plant/flower pot for a video camera all the time. Get creative with this! Tips: Tits pictures,big boobs,massive melons,huge brasier,big breasts,Hooters,busty girls,titty fuck,natural tits,juggs boobs videos,juicy tits,36D,flash titsThe hiding places are endless. Other common hiding places for spy cameras include: paintings, smoke detectors, clocks, lamps, dressers, shelves, ceilings, etc. Discover your own secret hiding spot(s), and nobody has to know the camera is there but you! And be ready to watch your girlfriend tits and your girlfriend's friends totally naked or even masturbating or fucking?? Turn on your camera and put in record mode BEFORE you leave it there. If your camera requires you to hold down a button to record, then use a piece of tape to hold down the button. If the "Hidden" camera doesn't stay hidden: Some hidden camera owners lack common sense; which results in their plans failing to work. Hidden cameras can be found anywhere, even in private areas such as changing rooms, toilets, showers, hotel rooms, and many other places you would never expect someone to be watching you in. Then wait and when you get the video share it with the everybody here.
I love tits so you know what to do.


Why do guys like boobs ? ive just always been curious, lol. This is what I found: If you know a straight man that claims he is not fascinated with breasts, you know a man who is lying. Very few guys will pass a large-bosomed woman without taking at least a short look at her covered "boobies". If the "boobies" aren't covered... Well then, the man will be taking a much longer look. The question remains: Why? Actually, the answer to this question is almost unbelievably simple; We like them because they are there, and we don't have them. Not to say that we want to have breasts of our own, so much as we just have this uncontrollable urge to fondle yours. Maybe "uncontrollable" is the wrong word. For the most part, we can restrain ourselves from grabbing a complete strangers breasts. But the second we get a chance, the second we believe we can grab your breasts and get away with it... well, let's just say there isn't a thing in the world that will make us ignore that opportunity. But that's not just men! It's a human thing, and ladies, you're guilty of being "breast obsessed" too! It's hardwired into our brains as infants, men and women alike, that breasts are an important part of our survival. Most of us lived off the damned things at one point in our life, so it's only understandable that we carry a certain fondness for them as we grow older. Now I know a lot of you are thinking, "Josh, you're an idiot. I'm a woman and I don't want to go out and feel up every set of **** I see." Well duh, that's because you have a pair at home! You get as much "hands on" experience as you want every time you get in the shower. It's true that sexualizing breasts is generally a guy thing, but if you think that you're automatically immune to the "urges" just because you don't have a penis, just ask a lesbian how well that worked out for her. Now that we have established why men are obsessed with breasts in general, why not go into the more specific "What is it physically about breasts that makes them so appealing?" question I hear so often. Well let's see. They are round and soft and smooth and fun to play with, and they make great pillows, and they have these wonderful little knobs you can fiddle with, and they feel real nice when you squeeze 'em, and... um... yeah... There you have it folks. We know we love breasts. We know some of the more fundamental reasons why we love breasts. But when it comes right down to it, we really like breasts for the same reason we like lava-lamps: The jiggling is fun to watch tits that is what I have been asking my bf for the longest. I think it is because of what it means in terms of reproduction. must be something subconsciously, nice boobs means has milk?


my boobs are too big, dress top too small? I've got rather large breasts (not bragging. The bigger they are, the more PAINFUL they are to your back). I fill out an E and have moved to EE. The dress I have fits in EVERY place EXCEPT the top! The top's made basically for someone that's a C/D. Is there some way to alter the dress so that it will fit properly? my boyfriend asked me to send him self shots naked showing my tits. He is crazy for my boobs. what do I need to do? Why would someone take pictures of
them-self nude just because he wants to watch my tits?


my boyfriends paid me natural looking breast implants, they were very expensives but it's okay because he is rich. I'm 19 and I'm extremely insecure about my breast size (34A) and I was wondering if getting silicone implants would be acceptable. I hope these
would boost my confidence and allow me to stop worrying about whether or not I have
abnormally small breasts considering my sister have bigger breasts then I do, as well as
everyone else in my family having large tits. I was told that small tits are the best. I don't think so. Most guys who are only into big boobs but most of them are virgins! Any guy who has actually ever been close to a woman knows that boobs are boobs, and most men love them all. Wanna see my tits and comment? I'm the girl on the 3th picture above and there are more on

agree its a very good site well worth a look for the sheer amount of material alone. Chicks are mainly hot and some are what you d see in the street, nothing wrong with that for me. They have more naked girls than I can handle (im old) so I love and stay member since 2006. - Peace & love V

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What is so great about big boobs? I don't see what the big deal is about big boobs, guys say the bigger the better, but I really think it's a turnoff if they are too large...I see guys choosing girls just because the size of their rack, it's disgusting. Another thing that I don't understand is why girls get boob jobs when their size is already perfect! I mean, of course I wouldn't like flat chests, but as long as there is something there it doesn't matter to me. A girl just wrote me saying: I love you and I wish I could meet you! You are like the first guy I ever encountered who said that. My opinion is that people want big boobs for sexual reasons. It's all about sexual attraction. Same with guys. Girls like to look at guys with a great body. Other reasons could be insecurity and not about sex. Keeping up with other girls. If one girl has bigger boobs than the other, than the other one wants them to be bigger. btw what's your opinion of real amateur porn? What do you think about people making porn for fun or exhibitionist purposes, where everyone involved happily consents? Is it still wrong? Amateur (home-made) porn is the best, hottest form of porn for a number of reasons: 1) The people are in it because they're horny and really want to screw around, not for money. 2) They are normal people like you and I so its easier to put yourself in their place rather than an airbrushed, bleached and strategically shaved man or woman who does not exist outside of the set. 3) Its real. It isn't staged so if they end up doing some freaky thing with whatever its hot; not like some director comes there and tells them what to do. So I really love to watch girls showing their tits. So Are you the type of guy that can't get enough tits? Do you dream about tits at night? If this describes you, then you're going to love Watch My Tits. These girls are hot and they love to show off their tits. These aren't porn stars. These girls aren't famous. These are the girls next door that have nice tits. Perfect round tits that you so wish you could play with. These girls are total amateurs that just love to show off their tits. You always knew that girls like this existed. Now that you've found them sit back and enjoy the view! What an amazing boobies we have here! Do you like girls with huge knockers? Or do you prefer to cum on smaller tits? We have it all! Everything you could like and more. Our girls are not some pro‘ models. They are real chicks next door. We get pictures and movies from real amateurs and many more interesting places. Can you imagine just how many things you’ll get to see on hacked facebook accounts? Or what kind of pictures will angry ex-boyfriend expose, when left to bite the dust? Well here it is – he have boobs you were never meant to see – things taken by cellphones, angry bf’s or from facebook accounts. All that and much more gathered for your enjoyment on one site only. So what are you waiting for? Join us a get access to tons of pictures and movies starring girls with amazing tits covered by cum! Amateur busty girls posing Big breasts for your pleasure Huge tits exposed for you Watch on these irresistible boobs. Next Door Girls Showing the World Their Lovely Tits. WatchMyTits is a world famous site for all these girls who want to show the world their tits using a pocket camera or webcam! We have a huge archive: from lovely small tits to massive melons & everything in between! Plus: Titty fuck with natural & fake tits too! We also got tits you were never supposed to see from ex-gf computers, emails and pissed off ex-bf’s. More tits you can handle! Are you the type of guy that can't get enough tits? Do you dream about big tits at night? If this describes you, then you're going to love WatchMyTits. WatchMyTits Amateur Girls Showing Big Tits for Fun Tits Pictures and Tits Videos! WatchMyTits is a World Famous Amateur BIG TITS Site featuring the biggest collection of user submitted Girls Showing Their Tits Pictures and videos. Watch Tits from Next Door Girls! Tons of big natural tits videos and pictures! Watch My Tits,girls showing tits,big Tits,boobs,natural boobs,small tits,silicone tits,brasier,big breasts,tetas,hooters,busty girls,titty fuck,natural big tits,pictures,fake tits,juggs,boobs,tits,juicy tits,36D, handbra,hooters,busty girlfriend,watch my tits,nipple,amateur,real,flash tits,tit video,bazookas,jugs,titties,knockers,webcam tits,facebook tits,leaked tits,side boobs These girls are hot and they love to show off their tits! These aren't porn stars. These girls aren't famous. These girls are total amateurs that just love to show off their tits. Join now and enjoy WatchMyTits - $1 Discount Coupons & Online Coupons for >>

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